About me

Loriana Valente

"I'm starting with the man  in the mirror."
Loriana Valente is a native German with Italian roots. The Artist lives and works in Cologne, Germany.
Since childhood she embraced diversity and observed her environment. “Don't judge” and “Love is the answer” are two strong statements which Loriana lives from deep within her heart and which she transmits through her performances. “I think, if every human being would take care of themselves and of nature, and if every human being would treat him- or herself and nature like a valuable subject, the world would be a better place. Start to love yourself and listen to your inner voice – it will show you your path – your right track – without harming anybody around you. The solution for a better world lays within feeling, observing, listening, and in unselfish neighbourly love.”
With her creation of a new artistic language, the autodidact breaks the convention of performance and catches the beholders with her love-spreading messages.
After her apprenticeship in the banking industry and her language studies, she worked mainly with children and teenagers helping them going through school struggles. In addition, she put her feet in managing a project against drug-abuse. Afterwards and while she was working for an international film co-production company, she started her first major personal project, which merged into her first art-project: she built her own house by the age of 26. By now, the house is known as “Villa Lovart”.

WDR Lokalzeit Köln, July 2017

"Wednesday's 4 Lovers - Music & Art"

“I always tried to be 'normal', to adapt to conventions and traditions of society, but this wasn't me. I tried to gain experience in many different so-called 'jobs', which the job-market or the educational system offer – but it did not feel right – like a waste of time. Time, which is the most valuable asset in life. It didn't feel right, because I was observing politics, society, the whole environment, the news, the media, the children and their parents, the homeless people, poor people, rich people, old people, ill people, desperate people, the advertisement, the consumer society – and then, one day, I knew – I was already working. I did not have to search for a 'job' anymore. I simply had to be who I am and to spread my message through my Performance-Art.”
Her performances are a fusion of as many senses as possible. Storytelling and message-spreading through music, painting, photography and expressions are Loriana's tools. “Society tells you to focus on one tool – that you can only be capable to be really good in one kind of art/work. I think art can be easily combined with many different skills and tools – there is no aim in reaching perfection. Perfection destroys you and is an illusion. Out of many small skills and tools can be created one big and beautiful unit. A unit that depicts the unit of peace and love. Peace and love the world should feel again! We are all one and we can be beautiful together, if we learn to trust in ourselves again – leave fear behind and be courageous to make that change we wish to see in the world.”